Calls to CEO need intercepted by Executive Assistant then transferred (back) to CEO if need be

  • 10 July 2024
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We need to have all external calls to our CEO - received via VA and direct dial - be answered and handled by his new Executive Assistant. After the EA handles the call, they need to either be able to transfer to the CEO’s phone (for CEO to answer), or to his voicemail.

Any internal calls - via the CEO’s extension - should go directly to the CEO without involving the EA.

Both the CEO and EA have separate extensions and direct dials.

Been working with RC support and kept achieving solutions that would only send the call back to the EA due to forwarding rules. No resolution was achieved. We can’t be the only company in the world that is requesting this (seemingly) common set up for a CEO/EA.

1 reply

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RC didn’t just saying make a mobile account for the CEO external calls, and have that as an added line show on the EA’s phone?  Then any calls coming in they get and can transfer to the internal extension, if needed.

Also, take the check out of the ‘include in the company directory’ for both the mobile/internal line for the CEO - then an external caller can’t find it by doing a name search.

Depending on the phone the EA is using - also use the Presence on the CEO line for HUD and pickup - this would then make it so that the EA has full access to the CEO line to pick up/hold/etc.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you need details on how to set up.