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I have tried adding the automatic call recording feature, but it is not working. The AI chat is abhorrent. I am assuming this is a feature I need to pay for. 



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Good morning,

As far as I know, if you see a function in the Admin panel, AND that User has the permission in the Role assigned, you should be able to use it.  (We have the RingEX Standard package)  If you go under a User profile, do you see:


In the bottom-right of the Settings/Permissions tab - you should be able to Edit their ACR status.

Once enabled, when you are viewing the Call Log (under Reports / Call Log) - you will see the Play button, or a drill-down arrow -on the right side of the screen for the calls that have recordings.



Clicking on the Play icon will immediately start that recording playing, and then you are also given the option to download that call (if you have that access)

If you DON’T see the Edit button on the User - check their Role assignment.  It may be that they don’t have the ability set.



Hope that helps - let us know if there’s a specific bit not working - we’ve found some interesting ways to make the RC Admin options bend to our will.  ;)

Unless, all of that checks out - turned on, etc.  and you don’t see the Call Log entries - then I would skip the AI, and open a support ticket directly.  If you have an Account Manager - ping them in RC chat.

Thank you for the quick response, this is all I see?



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From your image I saw the Super Admin - so I checked mine - and yep, looks like you’ll need to chat with your account manager for that access.