Holiday rule

  • 24 December 2020
  • 3 replies

I have set up my holiday rule. I have recorded my holiday greeting. In order to assign the greeting now and not when the times kick in and kick off, is to set up a "message only extension"? But that means a caller can't get to staff's VM they all then get dumped into this message only extension? Then someone has to manage that. Any other options?

3 replies

Hi Kathy,

Why not create a CUSTOM RULE that will be active only during the hours that you need it? I do this for every holiday that my office is closed or has reduced hours.

Hi Kathy,

Why not set up a CUSTOM RULE to only have your message active during the time it is needed? Or, you can set up an IVR, which allows the caller to PRESS a number to search by directory? I use the CUSTOM RULE for each holiday and when our office has reduced hours.

We do have IVR active. And I did set up a custom rule. And I set it up to "Play Company Greeting" not go to an extension. And if I go into my IVR Menus, choose my Daytime 1001, then go into Prompts, and chose the holiday greeting now, it'll play now won't it? For Thanksgiving I went in at the time our office closed and chose the holiday greeting. Not sure what I'm missing. And thank you for answering me.