Mobile Line - wrong billing

  • 5 February 2020
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Hi, I am a US account and have had a case open because after one month of trying to talk to my account manager about the issue (Ferdinand Acosta) and being ignored, I wanted to ask what is the solution for my problem. On 01/07/2020 I received an email from ring central stating that all extensions (which they call mobile users) should be connected to a ring central digital line (a phone) and if not, we would be charged for that line. I immediately contacted customer IT support to try to fix the issue and made sure that all my extensions were connected to a digital line. Despite that, my account continues to be billed and I have not been able to reach my account representative who does not return phone calls. When I asked him about why he was not responding to my emails, he said that he did not have access to seeing my emails, or phone messages. Has anyone had the same problem with ring central? We have been customers for nearly 10 years, but never been so mistreated. HELP!!!!!

1 reply

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Dr. Hilton, 
We investigated and it looks like Sabrina connected with someone from our team and identified a solution.

Please let us know if you need anything else.