Remove the announcement to announce yourself when doing a conference call.

  • 15 January 2021
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With the newest RingCentral update, we are having all 3 parties on a simple conference call, hear a notice to announce yourself to join a call. This is not a meeting that we've scheduled, it's a simple connection of 3 people. We should have the option to remove this. We were given a workaround to hit *#8 to remove the announcement. We are making hundreds of conference calls per day. This is not a good solution. We need this addressed ASAP. Not sure how you can make a global update like this and not get input from your users who actually use this feature.

10 replies

Also seems ridiculous that I have to create a message on a community board instead of having this addressed by the technician on the call.

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Hi Melissa,

If this is only a simple connection of 3 people, why not use the three way calling instead?




How exactly does this *#8 thing work?

The old RingCentral Phone app does not do the announcement thing as it does not automatically merge the calls into a conference. It's a pain in the butt to switch users back to the old versions that would also function as a workaround.

This is ridiculous. How are not more people up in arms about this. It's silly, totally embarrassing and annoying. I add someone to call and it literally says "YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON IN THE CONFERENCE PLEASE ANNOUNCE YOURSELF" followed by awkward silence from the participants and myself saying to ignore.


I couldn't agree more. Terrible new feature!!

I agree! Please remove ASAP.

We're dealing with this right now too. How is this a default? Especially when there IS clearly one other person on the line? We should have the option to remove this because it's embarrassing telling folks that this will happen and to ignore it.

This makes my day. I'm glad we can put this on Ring Central's radar. With my workflow I'll be talking to a customer, dial in a colleague, and when I merge calls there's this big interruption to announce myself. I'm the one who called both parties and already spoke with them. At least let me disable the message!

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Hi Everyone, does someone wants to volunteer and submit a feature request for this? It would be highly appreciated. Please add it in our Ideas Portal. Go to

Idea / Bug / Feature Request Link: (submitted Jan 20, 2021)