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Quarterly Roundup by the RingCentral Community Team


Welcome to the very first quarterly community roundup - your source for all things RingCentral Community. In this newsletter, we’ve put together exciting updates from Q2 of 2021, as well as provided some resources to help you fully utilize the RingCentral MVP suite. Read on to learn about product feature ideas, popular knowledge base articles, and more!

From the Community Team

Hey, Community Members!

We're excited to be sharing this new quarterly newsletter with you. Our growing Community team is working hard behind the scenes to make your experience in the Community one that is filled with informative resources.

Still, we need your help. In the coming months, we'll be doing a deep dive into what provides the most value for you and begin to build something a bit more aligned with our Community Members and their needs.

So, with that being said, we'd like to hear from you.

There's a lot our small, but mighty, team can do that supports the Community – but we need your voices to help us head in a direction that supports you. We're not asking for a lifetime commitment, rather your two cents...whenever you can spare it. Sharing constructive and helpful perspectives allows us to drill down on what can be improved.

The door is open. Please shoot us an email with your thoughts – the good, the bad, the ugly. We'll do our best to integrate it into the exploratory work we're doing to make improvements and create a more accessible space.

We’ll report back in future newsletters about how your feedback has helped to make the Community a resource for you and your teams.

Happy Summer!

Becky Hensley

Senior Community/Social Media Manager


Did you know that some of our best features come from your ideas?

In the Ideas Portal, we encourage you to share your ideas and feature improvements for RingCentral products. Whether you're an admin supporting your whole team on the RingCentral app, an employee attending meetings with RingCentral Video, or a developer using integrations, we want to hear from you!

You're invited to browse existing ideas, vote on features you would like to see, and leave comments sharing your use case. We can’t wait to hear your bright ideas!

Implemented Ideas

Because our product team is always looking at submitted ideas, there are tons of awesome ideas that have been implemented into RingCentral products. Now we don’t like to pick favorites, but here are a few features that community members have come up with that we think you’ll love.


Looking for more info on these features? Check out their knowledge base articles to learn more.

Dark mode

Code snippets

Color Themes

Configurable tabs for mobile:

Waiting to see your idea implemented? Stay tuned and be sure to follow your ideas when you post them. This is where we’ll send updates about ideas that are in development to become features!

Trending Ideas

We love all ideas, whether they have four or four hundred votes. However, some ideas are in high demand! Here are a few trending ideas that we thought you might be interested in. Give them a read, and if you want to add your vote to the idea, click “vote”!



How to Submit an Idea

Our Ideas platform is directly integrated into the current Product workflow. Do you have an idea you’d love to see in a RingCentral product? Start the process by selecting “Share an Idea” at the top of the Community or by going to!


We promise we do read every single idea! We love to hear customer feedback, and always share your ideas with our product teams. Even if your post or comment doesn’t receive a response, it’s been viewed and audited.

Please note: there are no guarantees that your request will be developed. There is not a magic number of votes or comments that will get your request prioritized. The RingCentral Community Ideas platform allows the Product team to learn about your use cases and to discuss and recognize challenges and possible improvements for RingCentral products.


That's a Good Question!

Our support site has over 4000 knowledge base articles, written by product experts, that are designed to help you navigate every aspect of the RingCentral MVP suite. Here are three of our favorite articles that might come in handy...




To view the full article, click on the corresponding image!

Want to check out some other Knowledge base articles? Visit

My RingCentral

Have you checked out MyRingCentral yet? If you haven’t heard about it, we’ve got the inside scoop!


My RingCentral is the logged in, personalized experience on the Support site.

Current features include:

List of customer's products and plan (if Admin)

List of customer's (or in the case of Admin, the company's) open cases

Links to important resources such as app downloads, troubleshooting articles, and Release Notes

Name of customer's CSM (for Admins)

We're improving your MyRingCentral experience and would love your feedback. Take the 2-minute survey now!

Did You Know?

Are you looking to dive deeper into RingCentral? Below you’ll find some more resources to learn about the RingCentral App, Admin Portal, Call Centers, special RingCentral events, and more.

RingCentral University provides anytime, anywhere training and support for both system administrators and users—and best of all, it is included free with RingCentral MVP. To log in, use your RingCentral MVP username and password.

RingCentral University has both live and on-demand webinars that give in depth information regarding product features. You can access all of this content here.


For small businesses, we recommend checking out our small business resources, where you can find case studies and tips to help your business best utilize our technology.


For everything from general product overviews to specific feature walk-throughs, the RingCentral Support site is the place to go. We have a team dedicated to making sure our knowledge base articles are up to date and accurate, providing you with endless resources to make the RingCentral app work for your business.

Release Notes

Want to know what’s new with RingCentral products? Visit our Release Notes to stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes. For an overview of the most recent month’s releases, check out our Release Highlights.

Click on any category below to learn about the newest updates!


Wrap Up

The Community Team is excited to share this quarterly review with you! If there’s any content that you would like to see, information that you feel was missing, or ways in which we can improve this offering, please let us know.

Enjoy your summer and stay in touch!

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