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Quarterly Roundup by the RingCentral Community Team - Q2 2022


Q2 Newsletter

We can’t believe how quickly this second quarter went! Read on for more information about highlights from the last three months including new case reopening functionalities in MyRingCentral, our favorite implemented ideas from the quarter, and helpful tips from our blog and app gallery.

From the Community Team

Community friends,

Behind the scenes, we’re always looking for ways to deliver a better experience for Admins, End Users, and Developers in the Community.

It’s been a long time coming and we finally released our new Community redesign this month! We’ll share more below about the changes and ways these updates can make your experience better, but we always want your feedback about the changes, what we should be focusing on next, and how our team can better serve you.

Take a minute to take a tour through the Community and if you have things to share, shoot us an email at

We spruced up the Ideas Portal as well. Every day, we work more closely aligning with the Product Teams to bring you up-to-date information and details about features that mean a lot to you. Keep posting your ideas, voting, and sharing your use cases. The more information about your individual use case we have, the better we can arm our Product Team with information that will be filtered into new features and address pain points for you and your teams.

If you couldn’t tell, the Community team is deeply invested in keeping you in the loop about great integrations, features, and improvements that will affect your ability to support your teams. If you have questions about anything in this quarter’s newsletter, hit us up!

Happy Summer

Becky Hensley

Senior Manager - Community and Social Media

Case Reopen and Escalation


Two new features are now available for your web cases! Case Reopen and Escalation

Case Reopen: This is a feature that allows you to reopen a closed case and get further assistance in resolving the issue if it was not solved previously. The case reopening process provides further assistance in fixing an unresolved issue.

Case Escalation: This feature allows you to escalate an ongoing case if your case has been opened for 48 hours. Escalation provides better traction and visibility to your case.

Implemented Ideas

Have an Idea for a feature you want to see? Check out our Ideas portal, share your ideas, vote on features, and leave a comment with your use case! Check out our Ideas Portal at:

We encourage you to browse existing ideas, vote on features you’d like to see and leave comments sharing your use case. We couldn’t think of a better way to make improvements than with your help! If you want to share your ideas, click HERE to learn how.

Read below for the most recently implemented ideas!


Custom Fax Cover Page:

Fax cover pages typically include the sender and recipient’s names, and sometimes a short note. Now you can personalize the appearance and add your company logo to your Fax Cover Page.

Click the links below to learn more!

Whiteboard (Open Beta):

A virtual collaborative canvas that allows you to express your ideas visually, Whiteboard is now in Open Beta. You can illustrate ideas the way you would on a physical whiteboard for all meeting attendees to see and collaborate. Draw, comment, erase, and collaborate with your team! Currently, this feature is available on web and desktop, but will be available on the mobile app very soon!

To learn more click the links below!

Rearranging the Ring Order of Your Numbers and Devices:

Choose the order in which your numbers ring. They can ring all at once or in order. If you set up your incoming calls to ring in order, you can rearrange their order at any time.

To learn more click HERE

The RingCentral Blog

For more information on RingCentral products check out the articles written by RingCentral product managers and marketers on the RingCentral blog. Here are some to get you started:

Team Messaging Etiquette:

  • Mindful Messaging - Ask yourself how you’d feel receiving the message you’re sending. Don’t be afraid to ask how your colleagues would like to hear from you.

  • Communicate Wisely - Determine if communication is better through email, messaging, a call, or a video meeting.

  • A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way - It’s easy for words to be misconstrued over text, avoid conflict, and don’t judge a book by its cover.

To read more, click HERE


  • Share Content Directly from Google Drive- Share information with participants directly from your Google Drive

  • Share More of the Action with Back Camera View - Enabling back camera sharing, hosts can share more of what’s happening during meetings

  • Seamlessly Switch to a Nearby Room - As workers move between locations, they may need to start a call on a mobile device then switch to a meeting room

To read this blog post, click HERE

For more of the RingCentral Blog, click HERE

App Gallery Spotlight

Add-ins turn RingCentral Team messaging into a place where work gets done. Embed your favorite products right into a conversation with these new and popular add-ins.


High Volume SMS App for RingCentral

Quickly reach your customers using SMS for higher engagement and open rates.

Reach your customers on their mobile devices using SMS. The High Volume SMS App allows you to send thousands of custom SMS messages to customers and opt-in lists using any RingCentral High Volume SMS enabled number.


Auto Reply Bot for RingCentral

Are you tired of always replying to the same questions in team messaging? Add the Auto Reply Bot and let the bot reply for you!

When someone tries to send you a message with keywords that you pre-defined with the Auto Reply Bot, your account will auto-reply with your pre-defined replies!

Community Redesign

If you hadn’t already noticed, we gave the Community a big overhaul! All of the changes are to help users find resources, give quick access to our getting started guides, and streamlined topics so you can find threads that reflect your questions.

We’re most excited for our News & Announcements space– keep an eye on it! Lots of updates about features, upcoming webinars, opportunities to work with Product on betas, and other information can be found in this space. We’ll be sharing helpful tips and integrations that might be a good fit for your teams.


The Getting Started section will point you in the right direction to ask your questions and review some of our most popular/informational content. Make sure to click through and leverage the content found there.
We cleaned up topics! You can imagine, after many years of threads and topics being created, we had our work cut out for us. Now, we have a standard list of topics that will, hopefully, apply to everything you might need a topic for. (However, if you see that something is missing, please reach out to us at


We hope you’ll explore all that this redesign has to offer and spend more time in our Community. Your involvement, after all, is what makes it great!

Release Notes

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral products. Want to get an overview of this month's releases? Check out our Release Highlights.


Wrap Up

In closing, we want to remind you that your voices are important. Whether you are reaching out for support, leaving feedback about a process, or detailing the ways in which your team could improve their adoption of RingCentral - we want to hear from you.
So, keep showing up and sharing and we’ll keep doing our part to make sure your experiences and ideas get the visibility they deserve.

Please stay tuned for some cool developments that we’ll be sharing in our News and Announcements section of the Community.

As always, stay in touch - you can send us an email here:

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