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  Please note the community is currently under maintenance and is read-only.
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New RingCentral Community Platform!
Tags: community announcement
Jul 20, 2020 at 9:50am   •   0 replies  •  0 likes

Hi, RingCentral Community Members!

Im happy to report that we have been working on some exciting changes to our RingCentral Community!

We are thrilled to announce were getting a new Platform. Its been a long time coming and were excited to share it with you. Were going to answer the questions we think you might have, but we welcome your feedback as we move forward!

So, first things first - Why the change? When is this happening?

Frankly, the current platform is sunsetting and we simply couldnt stay on it much longer without sacrificing functionality and user experience.

We want this Community to thrive and the current platform isnt allowing for that. Its time to do something different!

Plan to see a new Community by the end of this month!

Whats the new platform and why did we choose it?

Were moving to AnswerHub!

Our peers in the Developer Community moved to Answer Hub a little over a year ago. They love it and they know whats good. But really, it has all we need with room to scale.

And were really excited to be able to collaborate with the Developer Community in the new space.

What will the new forum look like?

If youve spent any time on the Developer Community, youll already be familiar with how the new Community will look.

Well be updating some branding, colors, and will spruce up the place a little bit, but if youre curious, take a peek at their Community here.

Whats in it for you?

A better experience! Not only are there great new features, but the new Community will allow you to more easily collaborate, connect with your peers for best practices, and learn a thing or two from RingCentral team members!

To make things a little more fun, well be incentivizing and rewarding your knowledge sharing and participation with badges, privileges, and cool opportunities in beta programs.

Were committed to making sure the Community feels like one, online, and off. Keep an eye out for virtual meetups and groups!

Well be coordinating with the Product team to streamline their Community presence and share updates and even host a Webinar or two! Most importantly, youll still be able to share feature requests in a brand new platform that is directly connected to our product team.

What will happen to existing posts?

Were bringing everything along (almost)! There are years of questions, ideas, and amazing content and we dont want to leave anything useful behind. Well be auditing threads and removing outdated requests, articles, and implemented product ideas.

We want it to be easy for you to find the information you need.

What are the biggest changes?

Its a fresh start. We recognize change can be hard, but the Community has needed this refresh for a long time. We want our Community to reflect the same efficiency and modernization as our apps!
Were really excited to use a new platform that has an updated look and feel and better functionality to allow Community members to crowdsource, seek support, and share your thoughts and ideas about RingCentral products.

Exciting new things?

Of course! There is so much that were looking forward to!

To match our new and improved Community, were revamping our Champion program. This newly developed MVP program aims to encourage participation and camaraderie (and maybe connect you with some sweet swag too).

Well be offering opportunities to interact with RingCentral team members that have insight on product development, learning opportunities that help you and your team, and easy access to some great self-service resources.

Changes in moderation

Were keenly focused on making the Community a space where our Community members and RingCentral Team members feel comfortable to interact, learn, and develop their knowledge of all things RingCentral.

Well be more vigilant to maintain an environment that promotes respect by enabling functionality that will allow members to flag comments for moderation. Our new platform has enhanced moderation features, allowing us to better ensure that the content in our Community is helpful and appropriate.

Remember - You are responsible for your actions while participating in the Community.

Were all adults and our reasons for being in the Community are professional. We know youll be on your best behavior, but were grateful for your feedback and assistance in maintaining an open and friendly environment.

Things to do to make the transition easier?

Get to know your fellow community members!

With a new set of platform features, youll be able to connect with other community members easier than ever before. Tag members directly in threads, join groups to discuss industry-specific use cases, and reinforce great answers with an upvote!

Give us feedback!
We want to hear from you. There are inevitably going to be some hiccups and bugs. If there is a tweak, an idea, a better way that makes yours and other Community members experiences better - speak up!

Be patient! We are a small team of human beings working our hardest to make this Community better than ever. Well do our best to be available to answer questions and update you as we move forward.

Excited to move forward! Please contact us with questions!

RingCentral Community Team

A new Community is coming to RingCentral!

Posts are currently read-only as we transition into our new platform.

We thank you for your patience
during this downtime.

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