Any size limit for sms text size?

  • 16 November 2019
  • 2 replies

I wish to know while using sms api of rc do we restrict our text messages to a certain character limit?

Didn't find anything like that. What is the size it restricts?

2 replies

"RingCentral's service sends individual messages up to 160 characters and can concatenate longer messages up to 1000 characters. "

As per the link here:

1000 characters in both inbound and outbound SMS


Hi Dilip,

Text of a message. Max length is 1000 symbols (2-byte UTF-16 encoded). If a character is encoded in 4 bytes in UTF-16 it is treated as 2 characters, thus restricting the maximum message length to 500 symbols. Yes u can send special characters as well!