Authorization Issue

  • 18 May 2016
  • 5 replies

5 replies

Making this conversation private since you've shared your API keys and user credentials via the graphic (and we wouldn't want someone to hack your account with this information).

I see you're trying to hit the Production API Endpoint URI: are your keys being used for that environment or are they for the Sandbox API Endpoint URI: ?

Are the user credentials being used associated with the appropriate environment?

Before testing the service, following things to be checked:

correct client I'd and secret, username should be phone number and extention number should be correct and allowed permission and correct url based on environment like sandbox/ production

Hi @kakar
Request you to remove the attachment and re-upload it with your password blurred out.
To answer the question, the content type you are using seems to be incorrect form-data in the body tab of postman

Please refer to the API docs here
The correct content type for oauth request should be "application/x-www-form-urlencoded".
Could you please try that?

Hope this is helpful

Hello all,
i am trying to use rest api for devtest password based authorization. but i am get error "Unsupported grant type" with error code "OAU-250" even i have used the correct Content type and my app has password flow selected




Hi @kakar thanks for the screenshots, what I don't see in there is the base 64 encoding of your Client ID and Secret before you send the postman auth request. Add this code to do the same inside of "Pre-request Script". Note that you need to have those as environment variables or you can just hard code those values inside of this script.

Give it a shot and let me know the result.

// Populate the Postman environment with:
var appKey = environment["RC_APP_KEY"];
var appSecret = environment["RC_APP_SECRET"];
var apiKey = encodeBasicAuthHeader(appKey, appSecret);

postman.setEnvironmentVariable("basic_auth_header", "Basic ".concat(apiKey));

function encodeBasicAuthHeader(appKey, appSecret) {
    var apiKey = appKey + ':' + appSecret;
    return btoa(apiKey);