C#: Resource for parameter [accountId] is not found

  • 7 August 2020
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I'm working on a sandbox account, trying to use the Get Extensions API. My code is as follows:

using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using RingCentral;

namespace Send_SMS
    class Program
        const string RINGCENTRAL_CLIENTID = "<sandbox-id>";
        const string RINGCENTRAL_CLIENTSECRET = "<sandbox-secret>";

        const string RINGCENTRAL_USERNAME = "<sandbox-username>";
        const string RINGCENTRAL_PASSWORD = "<sandbox-password>";
        const string RINGCENTRAL_EXTENSION = "101";

        const string RINGCENTRAL_PRESENCE_USER = "<sandbox-username>";
        const string RINGCENTRAL_PRESENCE_EXT = "101";

        static RestClient restClient;

        static void Main(string[] args)

            restClient = new RestClient(RINGCENTRAL_CLIENTID, RINGCENTRAL_CLIENTSECRET, false);

        static private async Task get_presence()
            var response = await restClient.Restapi().Account(RINGCENTRAL_PRESENCE_USER).Extension().List(listExtensionsParameters);

            Console.WriteLine("Extension for Test Account: " + response);


Where anything in <> is taken from the site.

I was able to do the Send_SMS tutorial successfully, but for this, I'm getting:

Content: {

"errorCode" : "InvalidParameter",

"message" : "Resource for parameter [accountId] is not found",

"errors" : [ {

"errorCode" : "CMN-102",

"message" : "Resource for parameter [accountId] is not found",

"parameterName" : "accountId"

} ],

"parameterName" : "accountId"


What am I missing here?


Best answer by Caleb317185022 7 August 2020, 17:15

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Maybe the account number you are providing might not actually belong to the Organization or the account itself.

Check the account number and provide the correct number or '~' ( tilde ) should work for the logged-in user.

You can use to get your account id number

Is this the correct AccountId to use?

When I click your link, I get:

{  "errorCode" : "AGW-404",  "message" : "Resource not found",  "errors" : [ ] }