Can not add contact for user

  • 30 May 2018
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I got a list of all users of my application in the sandbox at

Now I'm inserting the id into the ExtensionId and getting the "errorCode"

error: "CMN-408",

"message": "In order to call this API endpoint, user needs to have [EditPersonalContacts] permission for requested resource."

How do I grant access rights for this action?

2 replies

user for whom I add contact 
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Hi Alexey,

Adding contact is at extension level, which means if you login with the 101 extension, you can only add/edit contact of the 101 extension. In order to add/edit contact for extension 102, you must login with login credentials for the extension 102. This is the same as when you login the with an admin extension (e.g. 101), if you choose the "Admin Portal", you won't see any option for adding user contact at all. Only when you select "My Extension" option, you will be able to add/edit contact for the extension 101.

+ Phong