Clio Integration

  • 20 September 2019
  • 3 replies

Clio is one of the most popular cloud case management systems for attorneys. Vonage, Nextiva, Smith ai and jive (and the list is growing) all have integrations that will log calls, messages and time entries into Clio. Why none from RC? RC customers will be leaving if RC can't adopt this much-needed integration.

3 replies

As per this link:

"Clio does not currently integrate with RingCentral. You can, however, connect the two programs using Zapier "

So you cannot integrate it directly and can use other tools like zapier to do so.

By the way, you can also create this idea post here among the developer so that they can take this idea

Well I can find an Idea suggestion in this forum :

Maybe, it will be in the list next

Another law firm here requesting RC integration with Clio platforms. I'd definitely be willing to pay for an integration that helps me accurately capture billable time and CYA correspondence. Please help!