Find status of “accept call queues” button used on the mobile app

I am trying to find an API call that can get the status of the “accept call queues” button on the mobile app.

We are building a wallboard app and have the required info from apart from knowing if “accept call queues” is on or off

This is used to make people unavailable in a queue, not to be confused with presence status, which i can get already from

You might want to be available but not take call queues


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I can't see such a button on the mobile app. Can you post a screenshot or show me where to find it. My first guess is that it is an app feature. I am not aware of any API with this function but I can check once I find the button.

I also think the same call is used in the call groups to show available agents

Here is the mobile button

Thanks! I found the status of that button. You can use the presence API to read the user presence status of an extension and read the "dnsStatus" value to detect.

dndStatus = 'DoNotAcceptDepartmentCalls' => button is off

dndStatus = 'TakeAllCalls' => button is on