How can I make a call from my c# website to a phone?

  • 9 December 2019
  • 1 reply

We have a c# application built in .Net 4.5.2. We want to add a feature that lets the user click a phone number and be connected to that number through the browser. I have looked at both the WebRTC and the RingOut options and still have a few questions. Does RingOut need to work through the softphone? Can I log calls (start time, end time, comments, etc.) with both the RingOut and the WebRTC APIs? If I'm just calling out from the application will RingOut suffice?

1 reply

If you choose to implement your own web phone from scratch using the WebRTC, you need to implement a lot.

Here is an alternative with the RingCentral Embeddable. Simply add the code below to your page (e.g. the Default.aspx)

<span><a href="#" onclick="makeCall('13129822345')">+13129822345</a></span>
<iframe width="300" height="500" id="rc-widget" allow="microphone" src="">
    function makeCall(number) {
                type: 'rc-adapter-new-call',
                phoneNumber: number,
                toCall: true,
                }, '*');