How do I enable the conference group setting to an account?

  • 15 February 2021
  • 6 replies

Hello, I added a new account with a new number on my admin portal. I'm using the RingCentral embeddable widget dialer. In the browser console, I'm getting this error: Conference group is not set for current account - it's posting data to this endpoint I'm getting a 503 Service unavailable. My other 2 users don't have this issue except for the new account.

I can't seem to find how to enable this account with the conference group setting.

Anyone seen this before?


6 replies

What is your app client id?

BTW, what you refer to is an extension, not an account. This this way: Account is your company and user extensions are your employees.

my bad, it's the extension that doesn't have the correct setting. The app's client id is jsc6vNG-S5-hwyBN5r_djQ. thanks for the response!

Not sure why you got that error message. But here is the thing.

1. The endpoint supports only PUT method (not POST) so you can update the conferencing.

2. The endpoint request the "Edit Extensions" app permission and your app does not have that permission.

3. Your app is on production now so you cannot directly add the missing permission to that app. Do you want to clone the app, add the missing permission and test on your sandbox before graduate your app to the production? Or, do you want me to add the missing permission to that app?

Interesting, when the app got approved - it didn't require that permission previously, plus this is RingCentral embeddable widget phone dialer app. However adding a new extension to use the app - somehow started having that error. I'm in production now and would not want to disrupt that that this week to get requalified for approval if I clone to another client Id. I would appreciate it if you can update the existing app in production to have that missing permission. Thanks! lmk - so that I can test it with the new extension. Thanks again!

Added. Pls try and let me know if it works. I am not sure what you do with this within the RC embeddable. Do you call this API from your code in a different app or from the embeddable?

I've just tested with the extension and I'm still getting the same 503 exception - Conference group is not set for current account . On the widget I'm getting a new message in yellow notification - it says Your extension is not allowed to make outbound calls with browser currently, please contact your account representative for an upgrade. <-- this message is new. And then in green notification, Web phone registered. I don't see anything in the portal admin to enable something like that - unless it's something new. TIA