How to receive inbound sandbox test extension call

  • 13 February 2019
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I've got a WebHook subscription set up for my sandbox account. It's set up to trigger on incoming-call-pickup for my test "101" extension.

When I call my allocated phone number, I get the automated receptionist and can dial through to my extension. But then I get hold music for a while followed by the option to leave a voicemail.

How do I actually get that call to 101 picked up so I can do my WebHook testing?

Thanks for any help

3 replies

I think you need to login and configure a phone number there. Because "The Main Company Number will connect callers to the Auto-Receptionist. "
Hi Matt,

I guess what you want is to have a phone ringing and pickup that call to answer the test call right? If that is what you wanted, just download the RingCentral soft phone and install it into your computer.

When you run the RingCentral soft phone, switch to the sandbox mode before you login. On Mac OS press and hold fn + command + f2 keys and on Windows press and hold Ctrl + F2.

Let me know if this is not the answer.

+ Phong
Thanks guys ... and thanks Phong, that's what I needed. Works perfectly