Instructions on Retrieving Missing Messages

  • 1 September 2020
  • 2 replies

Hello, My text messages disappeared and I do not have the archive feature. I received a response from a tech expert saying I should check the API with the message id but I do not understand how to do this. Could you please provide me with instructions? Thank you!

2 replies

You need to go use message store APIs to get the full details of your message.

First search for the messages using Get Message List API :

You will get all the sms messages list using the API. You need to give From date and To date when you are searching the messages.

example below:

You can see dateFrom=2020-08-01 and dateTo=2020-09-01 and it will list all the messages within this period.

Each message that will listed there will have a message id and an attachment id along with subject as you message content:

To get the message content of specific message, you can use that message id and attachment id in Get Message Content API here:

and you need to put that message id number and attachment number you got from there in the API to get the message content .<message id> /content/<attachment id>?contentDisposition=Inline 


I am missing messages regarding Ringcentral app. I last accessed them in December. Please contact me at (708) 429-0375 to help retrieve my messages.