Integrate RingCentral with AgencyMatrix CRM

  • 2 May 2016
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I'm trying to integrate RingCentral with my cloud based CRM, AgencyMatrix. The features I would like to use are: click to dial, automatic conversation saving with retrieval, incoming call screen popup, and automatic dialing.

4 replies

These are all quite valid use-cases and have been implemented by several partners and individual developers.

Nearly all of these use-cases are covered in this Developer Tutorial (while the names may not match up identically, you should be able to locate the examples you need by function).

Have you followed the Getting Started guide yet?
You should probably start there, and then move on to setting up your Sandbox account:
Then you should be ready to begin all your development.

Keep us posted on your progress, and you're always welcome to use the community (as you have here) to ask questions and receive answers.
Hello, Do you have a progress on your project?
I need to make incoming call screen popup on my website. Looks like I have to make socket or pooling connection with JavaScript to the RingCentral server. Do you have any progress on this? Thank you!
There are actually two ways you can accomplish the goal of creating "Screen Pops".

Using RingCentral's URI Scheme
  1. Use the RingCentral Soft Phone's Settings (Gear Icon in lower right). On the "General" tab, there is a line item for configuration named "Launch an external app or a URL on incoming call"

  2. Turn this feature on and configure to suit your needs using the provided documentation

  3. [Optional] You can provide the string you use and the directions to setup to all users who require the "Screen Pop".

Custom Integration into your CRM/Custom App
  1. Begin by implementing RingCentral's 3-Legged OAuth (Authorization Flow) to allow all the RingCentral users in your company to be able to easily authorize this application access to that specific user's RingCentral account

  2. Once your CRM/Custom App User has authorized your application and you have a valid access_token you have a valid authenticated user

  3. Implement the RingCentral API - Push Notification (aka: Subscription or PubSub) from within your CRM/Custom App code. It is recommended to create a single subscription in the server-side component of your code since a single Subscription can have multiple eventFilters set upon it  (extension's presence filters in this case)

  4. Register the subscription after you've set/updated the eventFilters with the newly authenticated user

  5. Create the Subscription notification event handler for the Presence events for the extensions you've registered

  6. Filter the notification events for direction === Inbound, and type === Voice (and any other notification event filter criteria you require)

  7. In your CRM/Custom App code, when the notification events meet the criteria you've defined as qualifying for a "Screen Pop", you can perform the lookup for the contact information in your CRM/Custom App, and load the appropriate view within your CRM/Custom App for the operating agent to view/edit
Helpful reference links and recommendations
Benjamin,  Having a discussion with my dev and hoping you could provide some clarity.  We are trying to integrate our CRM and cause a screen pop anytime an incoming call matches a record in our CRM.    

Currently we are able to grab the incoming call number, match it to the CRM, but my dev is saying there is not a way to pass that final url for the contact back to RingCentral for the softphone to 'create' the screen pop.    Is that accurate?  Since like you mentioned in scenario 1 using the URI scheme, since RC does have the ability to open a browser window, I have to assume we can send the URL via API and also create a screen pop.  But with my limited knowledge the docs seem a bit vague on the subject.