Is there an API interface for downloading call recordings?

  • 6 December 2019
  • 2 replies

We are interested to create an interface between our proprietary application and Ringcentral to automatically download call recordings from ring central for each call case when completed.

2 replies

There are several options:

1. Using the Call Log Sync API you can periodically sync your account's call log with your database. This will sync all call activities but if you are interested at only calls with call recordings, then you have to filter the data and catch only those with call recordings.

2. Periodically read the account call log, set the "recordingType" query parameter to "All" to read only call log with call recording. Then download the call recording identified by the "contentUri" from each record from the response.

3. If you want to read almost instantly after a call is completed. Please check out this tutorial for a workaround solution.

Hope this helps.

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