• 15 January 2024
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I previously used the password for auth flow of my app.

Now the password is no longer allowed. I switched to json web token, and followed the instructions and the example for python. I obtained the jwt, entered into my code, but:

I am also getting

Unauthorized for this grant type

7 replies

Did you login the RingCentral developer portal and change the auth type for your app? And what is the app client id?

Hi Mr. Phong,

my clinet ID: kAZYBRDmQFWLcRLeKyZTgw

as for auth type, i see this in App settings:


So your app is a native Windows desktop app or a Web app? Right now the platform type app is Desktop/Windows. And the app grant type is Authorization code and Password flow.

I disabled the password flow and enabled the JWT token flow for your app so you should be able to use JWT token now.

If your app is truly a Windows desktop app, you should think about the way you will deploy your app and how the users can be authenticated. You may find authorization code flow would be more suitable for your app.

My app is a Windows desktop app.

How long does it take for the change to JWT token flow to take effect?

Thank you

The JWT auth works now, and my app is working again!

Thank you for all your help!

@Phong Vu I am seeing the same error, is there a delay before jwt becomes enabled?

Should be quick and within an hour. Does the problem still exist? If so, what is the app client id?