Marketplace App is not showing up as an installed app in BT Cloud account

  • 12 September 2023
  • 1 reply

We have developed a marketplace application for ringcentral/bt-cloud and It is in production now. But still we're unable to see it as an installed app in User's BT Cloud account(app is already installed). So is there anything which we're missing?

App URL :-

1 reply

@Rory O'Doherty The App Gallery is only able to reflect whether or not an app is installed if the app in question is an add-in. So for this app, the App Gallery will always show the same button text: "Visit page to download." Once a customer has connected to the application via our authorization flow (a.k.a. OAuth), the app will appear within the [admin console][1] ![4620-screen-shot-2023-09-14-at-95612-am.png][2] [1]: [2]: