Matching analytics api (python) to performance reports on the web

  • 25 June 2023
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I want to get matching numbers in analytics api (python) and performance reports on the web, but they are different.

Can you take a look and tell me what I am doing wrong?

Web performance report shows 3,242 inbound calls as per below picture


And then to get API result using python, I first followed script as per this page: RingCentral Line of Business Analytics APIs Quick Start

Below is the parameters that I passed to the api call. 1687665878522.png

Regarding the "dateFrom" and "dateTo", I tried 48 different date/times:
(To try all possible time offsets that I can think of)
Here is the result of the 48 different tries. There is no inbound call count of 3,242 anywhere.


What am I doing wrong?

7 replies

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I notice the same issue. Let me check with the team to see how they convert and set the time. I think it's an issue in the Analytics dashboard engine. So I trust more the response from the API.

Thanks for looking into this case.

In the analytics web page, I found out that there are three filters that have same name as the API - 'Queues', 'Users', and 'Company Numbers'

None of the three groupings had any matching numbers when I ran a similar test as my post.

Also, the difference for 'Users' grouping is very significant, almost three times as much total calls from API (~18,000 total calls on Jun 1) vs performance report from web (~6,000 total calls on Jun 1)

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The Performance report has some adjustments and it has some legacy. I will check with the team to see how they are going to deal with that.

Try the LOB Analytics. That will give you closer result to the API response. But it still shows discrepancy between that and the API result which is being investigated)


Below is the list that my account has. I don't have the LOB Analytics, but the Adoption&Usage is in BETA so I used it to compare some numbers. The result was close, but still not matching.


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I found out that the API does not convert the timeFrom and timeTo from UTC to your specified time zone. So you have to convert the time accordingly.

Since you are in the US/Eastern time zone, can you try this "timeFrom" and "timeTo" format to read your analytics data for the same period of time set in the Analytics dashboard for:

Start date: 05/31/2023 / From: 12:00AM

End date: 06/01/2023 / To: 11:59PM

timeFrom: "2023-05-31T00:00:00-05:00",
timeTo: "2023-06-01T23:59:59-05:00"

Hi Phong,

I have already tried all of the time differences from -12:00 to +12:00 using the analytics API (you can see in the excel table picture in original request)

None of the analytics API results matched to the analytics web.

@Steve Kim, there were some issues with the dev ticket that was opened earlier, can you please submit a new ticket below for further investigation with your most recent RC Request Id, let me know the ticket number after you are done submitting.