Retrieve account/company level messages


We have around 300 users with RC in the field and we need to retrieve a week's worth of sms into our system. From what i see this is only possible via the message store API.

On searching within the community questions, it looks like the extensionid is a mandatory parameter. The latest community post i could find was from 2021. Not sure if the solution recommended then, has changed, but my concern is that, if i were to ping the message store for 1 week worth of data, I will have to loop this 300 times which I think will impact the API limit.

Is there any recommendation on how to achieve this, without throttling the system due to high API calls. I am the super admin, so do have access to other members message store.


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In that case, use the message store export API set.

Read the Dev guide and this article to learn more.

Kindly reply and accept an answer if it answers your questions.

@Phong Vu as per your suggestion and the article guidelines, I am passing the request, but oddly, the date parameters are being forced to the past 2 days. Please advise on what I am missing. I am able to get to the downloaded files, but the dates of data being requested is not being captured correctly.


Once again, read the API reference or follow the example in the dev guide carefully. The dateFrom and dateTo is strictly in ISO 8601 format. Somehow your code ignored the invalid dateFrom and dateTo and it used the default value 24 hours from the current time.


Start datetime for resulting messages in ISO 8601 format
including timezone, for example 2016-03-10T18:07:52.534Z. The default value
is dateTo minus 24 hours

@Phong Vu - when you recommend an article or link, we do read it and follow the steps and if it fails, we come back to support. Having said that, we did try the date/time formats as per ISO 8601, but postman still does not trigger it correctly.


Can you try to reproduce the problem in one of the programming languages using RingCentral SDKs in the dev guide.

Can you also read the message store of this account a month back e.g.?