Ringcentral Crash notification through soft-phone integration with CRM

  • 3 January 2020
  • 1 reply

Hello for over 5 months I have been using the click to call feature by integrating the Ringcentral through our CRM, we use SmartMoving as our CRM. I have my headset, I click the number, Ringcentral pops up and automatically starts calling. Well today, I was making calls all day until approximately 3:45-4pm i clicked the phone number for another call (leads come in) and instead of going to the call window ring central issued me a note that said abnormal system crash, it recommended I hit troubleshoot. I hit troubleshoot and thought everything was fixed because the error was gone and it didn't say anything popped up. So I called a number again, only it asks if I want to use ring central and I say yes, and then nothing happens. No call, no pop up ring central phone, nothing. IM chat doesn't know, they referred me here, so please help. Actually losing a lot of money every minute I cannot make these calls because we already funded our leads today.

1 reply

Sorry for the delayed response. Is this still an issue in your system. I am not aware of any change in our platform, so it could be an intermittent issue.

Please confirm so I can have a closer look at it.