SMS API with Microsoft Power Automate

  • 27 October 2023
  • 2 replies

I am trying to using the SMS API with Microsoft Power Automate. I am able to get the API to send an SMS to my cellphone in Postman, but having a lots of problem getting it to work after I import it as a custom connector in Power Automate. I am keep getting Unsupported grant type. Any assistance will be appreciated.


2 replies

I am sure that the problem is about authentication. I am not familiar with MS power automate so I cannot help you in that part. But if you can share the type of your RC SMS application auth flow (code flow or JWT flow) and how do you authenticate a user to get the access token for calling the /sms API then I maybe able to say what could be wrong.

I downloaded the Postman collection from Github, which is from the instructions in the RC developer/API guide.

I used, POST Get access token- by personal JWT, under Authorization Flows dropdown.

This is a JWT flow. In Postman, I use:


Authorization type is Basic Auth

Username: My client_ID

Password: My client_secret

Hope the image help. Thanks.