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  • 3 February 2021
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Can someone please explain the difference between 'sendWelcomeEmailsToUsers' and 'sendWelcomeEmail' under the 'transition' array when utilizing the 'Update Extension' API?

Also, can 1 of these flags be used to import a user without sending the welcome email, then somehow be used again to allow the welcome email to be sent? A use case would be to import users that will be added to call queues. We don't want the users to receive their welcome email until the call queues are all setup.



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According to the field description

1. sendWelcomeEmailsToUsers: Specifies if an activation email is automatically sent to new users (Not Activated extensions) or not

This email is an email to notify a new (non activated) user to setup it's extension (There is a link to open the extension setup page)

2. sendWelcomeEmail: Supported for account confirmation. Specifies whether welcome email is sent

This email is just a welcome email to notify a new user has been added to the account. No link to the setup page. Or no need for activation as the admin already set the user credentials.