Dedicated location for software release announcements

  • 31 January 2019
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Does RC have a dedicated place where planned software releases are announced for Glip, Phone and Meetings (and even the platforms)? Ideally a blog format (with RSS) that's purely from the product teams and not mixed in with the rest of the RC user community. Some examples below.

I'm glad that there's a vibrant user community, and I can't wait to dive in, but I think it makes sense to have a bit of separation to make our admin jobs easier.

GSuite Updates Blog

Cloudflare Blog

UniFi Video Blog


6 replies

Makes sense - I think it is part of a larger effort to elevate software management and deployment to an enterprise level documented in many other threads (e.g. making it easy see versions on the enterprise downloads). If I were RingCentral, I would round up 5 or 10 vocal customers, gather their input, and implement their suggestions where possible. They are almost all really easy low hanging fruit with big wins for low effort.
Hey Chris! We do have Release Notes that you can check out :) 
It seems that those Release Notes are for November 2018.  Is that still the most recent release?  Thanks for all y'all do!  :-)
I'll bookmark that, but still appears more marketing/C-level oriented, and not geared towards admins. Also no way to subscribe that I can see, RSS or otherwise. See my sample links above.

People want to be notified when there is a release. They don't want to have to hunt it down.
Release notes for February 2019 were posted today at !