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RingCentral Embeddable return Refresh token is missing

Hello, I am using RingCentral Embeddable using my Sandbox Environment test data

When trying to login, it connects but then I get this error

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Refresh token is missing

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Refresh token is missing

Why could this be happening?


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Can you let me know the platform type of your app? Or give me the app client id so I can check it.

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I found this old question to a problem I am experiencing. My application uses "Password-based auth flow" and "Issue refresh tokens" is set to "Yes." Every so often I receive "Refresh token is missing." Sometimes my application recovers from this, but other times I have to restart the application to get it to work again. I never know when I will receive it. I have had the application run for a few days without seeing the problem. I have also seen it pretty quickly after the application starts.

My Client ID is 2Jq2niD7TFev7x8voo8Cdg

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I don't think that this is the same issue as your app is password flow. The issue in this original question is about the RC embeddable which requires 3-legged authorization.

In your case, I am sure that the issue happened when you are testing different apps (your codes) which use the same RC app client id and login with the same user.

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Hi @Andrew Prokop It is recommended to use 3-legged-OAuth flow (Javascript) with refresh flow for the Embeddable widget. With other flows, you need to pass app client secret to the widget for refreshing token.
Can you help to create developer support ticket here with your Embeddable version, client id, logs and HAR file.They can help us track the issue.

To collect HAR file, you need to open Chrome developer tool first, then reload the page to reproduce the issue. Then in network panel, right click to save all as HAR with content.

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@Embbnux Ji I've written a server application that doesn't need a user interface. From what I can tell from the RC application creation process, that's where I should be using a Password-based auth flow.

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