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RC Video security options change after meeting is set up

We have had repeated instances where a RCV meeting is set up through the Outlook plugin, and after the meeting is saved, the settings change. The meetings are set up with no password, people can join before the host, and no one is sent to waiting room (in other words, the three default checkboxes are unchecked). When invitees outside our org attempt to join the meeting, they are placed in a waiting room. When the host checks the settings, they are not what was set (the waiting room box is checked).

We have seen this with 3 different users, and two of those are highly experienced admins who have been going back and checking their settings to make sure the meetings are set up correctly. This is a critical problem for us as these admins often are setting up a meeting that they may not be attending, so people are left stuck in the waiting room with no one to let them in.

We are familiar with the delegation feature and use it, but that is not relevant to this issue--your meeting settings should not change by themselves after the meeting is set up. Has anyone else seen this?

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Hi @mitch-turner , our Technical Support Team can check on this. You may create a case at or contact Customer Support at the numbers at

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Thanks, done!

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You're welcome!

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