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Call is not forwarded when using the RC API

Hi I created my own app for forwarding the call. Whenever I make a call to the specific number I get info send to the webhook url. I do process this info and then forward the call. Now, When I make a call to that specific number I get forwarded, everything works as expected, however when I make a next call after the first one, in a short period of time the forwarding does not work. I need to wait some time and the when I try the same thing, the cycle repeats.

I managed to record the error.ring-cenral-error.png

Can you please help me understand it.

call forwarding
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How long is that short period you have to wait until successfully get your next call forwarded? Can you reproduce the problem consistently with the same calling pattern?

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The calling pattern is always the same. I have not measured the exact times, however the time between the calls is less than 15 sec and the time between the "calling cycles" needs to be few minutes

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This is weird. I test over and over again to forward incoming calls to an extension and it works every time. Here is how I handle an incoming call to extension 102, forward the call to extension 103 using the forward API in Node JS.

subscription.on(, function(msg)
    if (msg.event.indexOf('telephony/sessions') > 0){
      var body = msg.body
      //var callerNumber = body.parties[0].from.phoneNumber
      if (body.parties[0].direction == "Inbound" && body.parties[0].status.code == "Setup"){
        forwardCallByExtensionNumber(body, '103')

async function forwardCallByExtensionNumber(call, extensionNumber){
  var endpoint = '/restapi/v1.0/account/~/telephony/sessions/'
  endpoint += call.telephonySessionId
  endpoint += `/parties/${call.parties[0].id}/forward`
    var resp = await, {
      extensionNumber : extensionNumber
    } )
    var jsonObj = await resp.json()
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