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Missing extensionId in call events (from telephony sessions webhook)


So, I already have the integration working on production in the company's service I work on. It's generally working smoothly. I'm using the "/restapi/v1.0/account/~/telephony/sessions" webhook subscription.

Nonetheless, I've just spotted a curious case where none of the events' payloads of the same call (they are 5 in total) has the `extensionId` inside the "parties" fragment of the payload, so I can't properly tell what's the call direction (among other things) and that is messing up with our call event processing logic.

Any idea on what to do or how to handle this case?

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Can you post some log (remove sensitive data)? Normally, those events without an extension id in the parties array object are either internal call legs or an event of the external call party. For example, when you receive an incoming call notification events, you will see the extension id in those events with the "Inbound" direction. There are some internal legs with the "Outbound" direction which will not have the extension id. Let me know your event processing logic so I can help.

Check this blog for more info about telephony session event notification.

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Hi, Phong.

Thanks for the quick answer. So, I'm aware of all those details (and yes, I've read the blog article of yours -- and thank you for having written it!).

You can see all the 5 (five) call events' payloads that I got for this given call:

They are in the "sequence" order. By the way, this is a new call I got since I created this question. It's the second that I face so far since my last deploy (there are probably more calls like these that might have happened before my last deploy). By checking the payloads JSON in the gist above, you can notice that none of the events has the `extensionId` inside the `parties` fragment.

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That's strange. Can you elaborate how this call is made. Is it between extensions or an Inbound/outbound call between a PSTN number to a RingCentral direct number, etc?

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I'll try to get more information about those things with our CS team. But in meantime, isn't there anything you could do or check with the information I provided you (specially the call events' uuid) already?

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I am not in the position to do such a deep investigation. Instead, you can submit a support case and attach the log file to the support channel.

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