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RingCentral API Calls from Ignition By Inductive Automation


I am using a SCADA software called ignition that has Jython embedded into it that I can use to do all kinds of scripting like api calls. I'm trying to figure out how to get call logs from ringCentral within ignition using some built in functions from ignition/python ( I tried to simply import the ringCentral python library into the backend of ignition, but one or more of the dependencies of the library is done in C and that doesnt work with Jython). To begin with i've been trying to log in using a post call but am getting an error. Here are some screenshots. I've been trying to get this to work for the better part of a week so any help is appreciated in advance!



FYI here's some info on the built in functions im using for the calls

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1626132859576.png (5.3 KiB)
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Where do you set the Authorization header?

Authorization: Basic xxxxxxx

where xxxxxx is the based64 encode of "app_client_id:app_client_secret"

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Do you have any other information on how to encode the app_client_id:app_client_secret ?

I tried using this website but there are a few parameters that i dont know about.

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Simple as this


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Okay thank you! but still getting the same error :( resource not found 1626212398994.png

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