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GLIP - Get Team Members

There current are API calls that let you list the Teams, Add or Remove Team members, but where is the call to list the Team members. A roster of users in a Team would be valuable for programs that want to integrate with Glip.

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For now, you still can use this endpoint "/restapi/v1.0/glip/groups/[teamId]" to read team's members. The API is marked as deprecated though. I will check to see why the new API is missing and update the answer when I get the info.

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"/restapi/v1.0/glip/groups/[teamId]" is still working, but is there any news on a non-deprecated API for getting a Team's member list?

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Any update? is marked as obsoleted/beta. Can we use this API?

It looks like can be used to retrieve similar list of Teams . Still it is not clear how to retrieve members. does not return members - although is should per RingCentral API documentation.

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I recommend no using this endpoint ( /restapi/v1.0/glip/groups?type=Team ) anymore.

Use the Get Teams, Get Chats, Get Conversations instead.

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Thanks for the comments. We need API to view list of team members.

Please note that Get Teams, Get Chats, Get Conversations do not return list of team members...However, which is marked as obsolete returns list of team members. which shall return members per RingCentral documentation, does not return team members.

So which API shall we use to retrieve list of team members?

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