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Placing inbound call on hold only mutes inbound audio

We have a user who receives inbound calls through RingCentral. Occasionally, she will need to place the inbound call on hold to call out to her team for assistance regarding various issues. Her calls to her team are through Microsoft Teams. When she makes the call via Teams, the call in RingCentral unmutes her audio and the caller is able to hear the entire conversation being had through Teams, but their audio is muted for the user from RingCentral (One-sided call, where only the inbound caller can hear) until they are removed from hold.

This issue is happening on multiple computers, with or without a headset. All settings I can think to look at have turned up nothing that would cause this issue.

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Hi @Ryan Jankowiak, this is an odd behavior. Is the RingCentral app currently updated to the latest version?

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