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REST API Handling multiple calls


I'm looking for the right path to manage multiple calls on one device using the REST API.

What are the API endpoints to:

- Answer an incoming call while putting a previous call on hold.

- Switching between the two different calls.

- Combine the calls into a Conference.

rest api
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You can put an active call on hold, then pick up the new coming call and switching between them using these APIs under the Call Control API set:

Or use the Flip API

Right now, there is no API to convert a call into a conference call.

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I have tried using Hold/Unhold but I ran into the known API bug:

" There is a known limitation for Hold API - hold via REST API doesn't work with hold placed via RingCentral apps or HardPhone. "

It seems like answering the 2nd call automatically places the 1st on Hold, but with the above limitation it is not possible to UnHold it from the API then.

Even if the 1st call is placed on Hold before answering the 2nd, the 1st is still place on Hold in a conflicting way like above.

So, how would PickupCall do better?

I don't understand how FlipParty would help in this context, could you develop please?


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I verified and CallFlip is for a whole different purpose

while PickupCall also seams to be for an other purpose, picking up a call ringing on an other phone.

With what I mentioned above about the Call Hold API vs App conflict, I don't see any viable option to manage simultaneous calls on the same phone using the Voice API.

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Hi Louis,

You are right, ignore the Flip API because it may not have anything to do with your use case (which is still not very clear to me about what you actually build).

Anyway, the purpose of the Call Control APIs set is not for replacing call control by a user from the phone app UI or desk phone buttons. It is more about building a bot to handle call forwarding logics or to control e.g. call recording programmatically. There will be conflicts with user's action and/or built-in service if an active call is being handled by a phone app etc.

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Following this post...

The Bridge CallControll endpoint right now can combine 2 active calls, but drops the person making the 'Bridge' connection.

But, some functionality like 'Add Call Party' to a call session or a Bridge with Agent/Conference All endpoint would be more awesome.

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