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Alternative to simultaneous sequential call queues?

A customer dials a direct number, and I have 3 groups of call queues (Sales, Customer Service, Fallbacks) that I had hoped to overflow to the next one after x amount of rings. However, Overflow Groups don't allow our preferred simultaneous calling on the primary call queue. Does anyone know of any other way to emulate a waterfall-like call queue system that does simultaneous calls for each member in each round/group?

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Hi @Mark Martinez, learn more about how the Call Queue feature works through this KB article

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Hi, I've read through that page but I know simultaneous overflow call groups don't work, so I'm actually looking if there's alternatives or workarounds to that. Ideally I'd like to have simultaneous rings for each call queue.

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Thanks for clarifying, @Mark. The Call queue feature doesn't have this capability. You may add a feature request in our Ideas Portal at

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