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Recurring RC meetings starts giving Invalid Meeting ID

We have found (several people at my company) that if we schedule a recurring RingCentral Meeting after a while the meeting ID goes "bad" and we have to cancel all future meetings and create a new cycle. Is there a published limit like 4 recurring meetings or no more than 2 months or anything like that? I can't find any published limits.


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Hello @dan-harman, are you starting the meeting through the RC App or RC Meetings app? Also, can you send here a screenshot of the error?

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Attendees are clicking the calendar link to attend the meeting and that's when they get the "invalid meeting ID" message. I'll see if we can get a screenshot.

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Let us know when you get a screenshot so I can have the Product Team check. Thank you!

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We have had the same issue with a few recurring meetings - the prompt we get is 'Invalid Meeting ID Please Check and try Again' and have gotten the error when clicking the link from an outlook appointment, or from the RingCentral Application.8-3-screencap.png

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Hi @laura-cm, kindly check the Knowledge Base Article Validity Period of RingCentral Meeting IDs to see if one is the reason for the error you are getting. If not, please submit a case to our Support Team so they can investigate.

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