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Voicemail Numbers Now Read As Numeric

Starting a few weeks ago, when listening to a voicemail the caller phone number is recited as a large number.

For example, 419-221-8727 is read "four billion one hundred ninety-two million two hundred eighteen thousand seven hundred twenty-nine" instead of "four one nine two two one eight seven two seven."

I saw forum posts from 1+ years ago saying it was a known issue called JIRA CNV-28823.

Any changes / fixes?

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@Harrison Keating Have you checked to make sure you are on the latest version of the app?

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@Becky-Community_Manager We are running version of the iOS app.

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@Harrison Keating I am looking into this issue with the Product Team.
If you haven't created a case, I encourage you to do so - this will help to pull together notes on your experience and any other customers that are experiencing this.
I'll share an update here when we hear back.

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Any update on this as we're having the same problem on two new client accounts?

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Is there a known timeframe as to when this issue will be resolved? It seems to be still occurring on the phone app.

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Hi @Andy Pompura, we don't have a time-frame for this yet.

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Terry DeStasio avatar image Terry DeStasio mary-community-moderator ♦♦ ·

Any update as to when you will have a fix. The last I heard it was going to be released in an update. We received the update, but no fix.

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The issue is related to a Known Issue we currently have in our system. The Product Team is investigating it as a bug, and there is no currently available ETR when it will be resolved. Rest assured that they are working to resolve it. I am following this ticket, and I will make sure to update here once they fix it.

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