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Area Code Changed district?

I have been using the same number for 2 years and 2 months ago it became long distance and registered to another city 3 hours away even though in Ring Central portal it still says local city. Ring Central has not acknowledged this as an issue. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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Have you checked the issue with RC support team:

If you can open a case, they will help you to resolve a query

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I have several times, and created 2 case numbers because they would not reply to the original case number it took 4 calls to acknowledge my number is not indeed registered to the city it says. Then they said they can change it. Then after 3 hours over 4 more calls and 2 dropped calls they said they can't and said get a new number. Asked to speak with a supervisor, so a supervisor named "jerry" wrote me back and said look at a KB that shows how to change to a new number so I clarified again my issue and "jerry" has yet to reply for 5 days. I am hopeful but not expecting a reply. Do I go to CRTC for this type of issue? I originally contacted support June 27th

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Hello @Trevor Williamson, can you please provide the case number so I can make a follow-up with the supervisor?

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