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Scheduled meetings don't appear on the video meetings page

I have two meetings scheduled but none of them appear. How can I fix this?

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Hi @Phil Dudman, can you please provide a screenshot so we can check? Thank you!

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Hello @Phil Dudman, there is currently a known issue with scheduled meetings in the RingCentral App. The Product Engineers are already working to resolve the issue. We'll give you an update when it's fixed.

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Hi Becky. Thanks for your reply. I have set up the link to Outlook. The details show up in my Outlook calendar, which is great. But the problem - no listing on my meetings page - existed before I linked Outlook. I'd like to have the option to edit scheduled meetings

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This may have to do with not connecting to Google or O365. I had a user schedule a meeting using the website and it opened an account on which then was displayed as a schedule meeting on the website. We have an on Prem Exchange server and we are running into feature issues that would not exist if on O365.

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I was having this issue as well and realized it was only showing meetings for the current week. Once I moved it into next week, it disappeared. Any idea on how long this fix will be?

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