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Has anyone else noticed that ( has been dropping packets? We were down for over an hour yesterday when was not available. I called into support to open a ticket and tried to explain the issue, but you know RingCentral support it is a bit iffy and they need to follow procedures.

Anyway, after an hour on support the server came back on line (support said it is was a DNS issue LOL, pinging an has nothing to do with DNS. anyway). It was dropping a lot of packets. And today though the server is up, its network does not seem to be stable and is still dropping packets. I tested from three different ISPs and one is an MPLs straight into their network.

We tested for packet loss all the way up to the hop before and the route was clean. The issue appears to be at, I am guessing this ip is some kind of load balancer like an NGINX by the way it acts.

Is anyone else seeing the packet drops?

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I found one reference below, not sure, but please check if this is similar and resolve your issue:

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Anirban, well then RingCentral should probably follow your advice, because as I stated testing from three separate ISPs from three global locations they all show the device that is having issues is Pinging the path all the way to the hop before RingCentral server is good and is NOT dropping packets. As soon as you get to the last mile it is the server SIP.RINGCENTRAL.COM which is having the issue. The problem is convincing the RingCentral to check their work. Their support is poor and are not network oriented. They have their script. The Networking group is over worked and when I dealt with them they were scattered.

Try a it from your computer if you are on windows open a command prompt. At the prompt either type in: ping -t and then press enter; or ping -t

Then just watch results. What are the odds that my three globally spaced networks and your ping are dropping so many packets. Each are taking different routes.

I could be wrong, all that RingCentral needs to do is test.

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