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Messages from Disabled Account?


If an account is disabled, are chat/glip messages retrievable/viewable? If the account is enabled again?


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Anirban avatar image Anirban commented ·

But the question is if the account is disabled, you may be getting a message like "Access to this account is disabled. " something like this.. In that case I am not sure if you can retrieve or view.

But if the account is enabled again, you should able to retrieve and view.

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Chris Rosa avatar image Chris Rosa commented ·

No...the messages aren't preserved. Moreover, any group they're a part of just disappear (Teams are ok).

Just found this out this week. Disabled a user on Friday, and by Monday some employees were complaining that their groups were gone. Turns out they contained this disabled user. Tried re-enabling this user's account, but the content was still gone.

Support was able to restore the content, but still...this seems like a major oversight. If you have a group with 5 employees, why delete the whole group if one employee leaves? Makes no sense.

You do have the option to convert a group message into a Team, but as an admin, there's no way for me to know how disabling/deleting a user could impact all of my employees.

They really need to find a solution for this ASAP, or else it could turn into a management nightmare.

Please upvote my "idea" if you get a chance.

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache Chris Rosa commented ·

What's worse is when you have to keep all chats for X number of years due to policy/regulations.

The nightmare also extends to moving the user that's gone to a 'holding non-extension' and transferring that license to another seat for the person that's replaced them.

I didn't know about the Teams getting nuked - I'll have to alert my staff to that.


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Chris Rosa avatar image Chris Rosa Joe Cache commented ·

No no...Teams are OK as I stated. It only effects direct one on one or group (non-team) chats. But yes. Really frustrating.

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