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Feature Request: straight-to-voice-mail blocking option

I want to minimize the disruption that hang-up calls create.

As things stand now, my blocking options consist of a choice between two falsehoods: that my number cannot be reached from the area where the call originates, or that my voice mail is full.

As a result, I only block if I am absolutely certain the call is from a scammer. I don't have time to research every number from which I get a dubious call.

I get a lot of hang-up calls but some of them may be legitimate. I have a law practice with an emphasis on family law, and I get calls from distressed people. They may panic when they get a recording, or their spouse may walk in on them while they are ringing me. I do NOT want them to hear a falsehood.

I can't go by whether the number is local -- people move but keep their old cell number.

Here's how it would go for me if a straight-to-voice-mail were a blocking option:

I log into the web site ONCE to select that option.

When the phone rings and the number is not familiar, I wait for the call to conclude, then look at my email. If the call was a hang-up, I open the RingCentral app on my phone and block the number. Tap, tap, tap, done.

I then return to the task that the phone interrupted. Time lapse would be no more than 60 seconds. No login necessary.

Calls from that number would never again make my phone ring unless I unblocked the number.

If I got an email indicating that I got a voice mail from a number I had blocked, and the message indicated that the call was legitimate, I would unblock the number.

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