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Voicemail in Chronological Order

I'm using the RingCentral desktop app on Windows. I use it on multiple computers and left it open (Lets say on Computer A) for a few days and used it on another computer (we'll call computer B). When I went back to computer A today my voicemails were in almost a random order. They went from old, to today, to Tuesday of this week, then to older ones (then in backwards chronological). I keep voicemails until I've reached the person so i do have about 10 messages in there. I noticed some say "Tuesday" instead of the date but on computer B they are still correctly in backwards chronolgoical order. The "filter" is not really a sort but more of a search. I tried closing the app and reopening it and that did not resolve it. Any way to fix this??

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@Anikka Tesch, please try to uninstall/reinstall.

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I just tried that and they are still not in order.

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Hi @Anikka Tesch, would you please open a ticket for this so the Tech Team can investigate what's causing it.

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