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Incorrect Release Notes for 8/13/21

These release notes state:

  • Office hours settings
    • RingCentral app users can set their office hours within the app, making it easier to set your availability for inbound calls.

I am unable to find these settings and when I contacted phone support they told me the release notes were incorrect and that this feature is only available through the admin portal. I need to know if this is available or not as its one of our most requested features for our users.

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Hi @Andy Anderson, on your RingCentral app, please go to Settings > Phone > Click Work Hours.

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I don't see that as an option. I have General, HUD, Incoming Calls, and Outgoing Calls as the headers and nothing about work hours. I can share images if needed.

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Can you please check if your app is updated to the latest version? You may uninstall/reinstall it.

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I am on version Windows Web

Not seeing after a fresh install either.

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Would you please send a screenshot of your app in Phone settings?

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Image 1


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