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Simultaneous ring issue

Having an issue with the iOS app where multiple phones in a ring group will ring correctly simultaneously.

However, when trying to answer the call on one of the iPhones, the other phones keep ringing and the iPhone the user tried to answer with will not connect to the incoming call.

The only way my users are able to connect to the call is to go to one of the additional iPhones (still ringing) and then answer from that phone.

With this second iPhone, the app will finally connect the user to the incoming call, however, the other iPhones in the ring group will continue to ring for the original incoming call until each phone is answered.

There won't be any additional incoming calls now that 'iPhone #2' has answered the original call to the ring group, so now users get confused as to wether or not there are actually new calls coming into the ring group.

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Hi @Jonathan Gardner, tit should not be the behavior of ring group. For assistance, please contact Office@Hand Support.

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