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Recurring Holidays

There are many holidays that occur on the same day each year yet we need to rebuild them each year changing only the year.

Is there a way to have recurring holidays in the holiday custom rule?

December 25th for Christmas as an example. Better yet the ability to set something like the 4th Thursday of November for US Thanksgiving but at least be able to set a date without the year and/or set it as recurring.
I know my examples are US based but I'm sure everyone could benefit from such a feature.

While I'm at it, how about the ability to import a holiday schedule?

Additionally, how about the ability to copy/paste/reuse the holiday schedule across multiple sites in RC? Right now I have click through all five sites to set up the holiday schedules for each one and they are all exactly the same. It seems like a cumbersome way to get what should be a relatively easy task accomplished.

  • Recurring holidays
    • By recurring date
    • By recurring day of the month
    • Schedule import
      • For use in holidays/meetings/etc
    • Holiday schedule template/reuse

Is there a feature request mechanism to submit these kinds of things?

Thank you

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@Lee Pullen Thanks for sharing all this good information. Unfortunately, we don't have anything like this at this time.
However, you can submit your use case and notes to our Ideas Portal.
The link for this idea can be found here.

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