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Agent status

We have some users stating that their status is being changed to invisible by itself. The agents are using the RingCentral Desktop app. Is there a timeout period or inactivity period that might automatically change an agents status?

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This doesn't make sense, how are agents supposed to take calls if the software is taking them offline automatically. These aren't agents who receive call after call .. it's a scheduling call queue which means they may only get Call queue calls 8 to 10 times a day.

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If you think it needs an improvement, kindly go to the Ideas Portal.

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I am not sure but I think the status should turn idle instead of invisible if user is not active on desktop. But there is no timeout setting can be done to configure this.

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SO no matter what agents are going to be set to inactive after 15 minutes?

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If the agent is offline or invisible will that remove their ability to receive Call Queue Calls?

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If offline, yes. Invisible status is set-up manually, but you can still receive calls.

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Is this in contact center? We're using MVP only. Is it the same in all schemes?

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A gray dot indicates the user is offline or inactive for 15 minutes or more on their app. This is a system-triggered presence but will appear the same as Invisible. You may refer to the KB article at

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System-triggered, which means the app sets your presence based on your current circumstances (e.g., you’re in a meeting, on a call, or offline).

System-Triggered ... is there a way to disable this?

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Sorry but there is no option. You may submit a feature request in our Ideas Portal at The Product Team is open for new ideas that will help improve the app.

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