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SCIM Search/List Users does not return phoneNumbers Array nor simple phoneNumber string

Subject pretty much sums up the issue.

Endpoint URI tested:

The endpoint does return the phoneNumbers array, both the assigned phoneNumber (DID) and assigned extensionNumber values.

Is there a reason the ~/scim{/v2}/Users{/.search} endpoints do not return the PhoneNumbers array?

rest api
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Search does return the phoneNumbers array for me

async function search_user() {
    var params = {
          filter: 'userName eq ""'
    try {
      var resp = await platform.get('', params)
      var jsonObj = await resp.json()
      for (var res of jsonObj.Resources)
// Response
  schemas: [ 'urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:core:2.0:User' ],
  id: '62358325016',
  meta: {
    resourceType: 'User',
    created: '2021-11-05T02:50:47.257Z',
    lastModified: '2021-11-05T02:50:47.257Z',
    location: ''
  userName: '',
  name: { formatted: 'Ryan Lee', familyName: 'Lee', givenName: 'Ryan' },
  active: false,
  emails: [ { value: '', type: 'work' } ],
  phoneNumbers: [
    { value: '+13033763519', type: 'work' },
    { value: '11889', type: 'other' }
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Paul Rarey (AA) avatar image Paul Rarey (AA) commented ·

Hey Phong - Many thanks for the code example.

I believe the search filter is applied to results on the client-side, yes?

AOK for a hundred or so users/Extensions. A few thousand, that would create rather thick return array when only one Email address is the search objective.

Of course, if the search/filter is applied server-side, returning only the details of the queried userName (Email address).

If the filter is applied server-side, where might I find the various filters than can be applied to such queries?

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Phong Vu avatar image Phong Vu ♦♦ Paul Rarey (AA) commented ·

I don't understand what you meant "client-side". It's what I passed to RingCentral server and got that result. Can you clarify that?

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Paul Rarey (AA) avatar image Paul Rarey (AA) Phong Vu ♦♦ commented ·

Hey Phong,

Sorry for the confusion. I'll try to clarify...

Client-Side = processing done on the customer-side application that calls an RC API

Server-Side = processing done within the RC server, based on the API called and parameters passed by the Client-Side application.

What I missed in your initial response (with the codelet) was the API called was ~/scim/v2/users. I do see where the filter= can be applied for the RC server to process. Also that ~/scim/v2/users/.search uses JSON body vs. REST URL (without .search)

Appreciate your patience :)

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